Poetry collection in Croatian

My first poetry collection.

Winner of the Goran Award for the best poetry debut in 2013.

Winner of the Kvirin Award for the best poetry book in 2014.

The collection “Tricolor White” is inspired by two phenomena: the while light and the white noise. Both of them represent an overlapping of frequencies that ultimately create the absence. The void of the witness, however, does not come from any missing elements but from saturation. Words and sounds appear on the surface of the language, which is at the same time their deathbed.

The book is printed on white, semi-transparent pages. When overlapped, poems resemble the death of words. Only in a short period of being singled out in the attention of the reader, poems rise from the multitude of words before returning back to the cacophony and silence of the white noise. Poems oscillate between destruction and salvation. The poem 'Noah's Ark for Words' symbolizes the preservation of life over the rising entropy of noise.

The white light produces visible colors only when fractures. The evolution of the book - from the first section prefaced by a mythical lullaby to the last part of the blacklight - follows the path of fragmentation.