Collection of prose poetry in Croatian.

Winner of Tea Bencic Rimay Award for the best collection of prose poetry in 2015.

Svjetlopisi (Lumographie) is a collection of three sets of prose-poems symbolically organized around three Belgian cities: Leuven, Louvain la Neuve, and Mons. The title of the book is an archaic name for photography. Inspired by the idea of 'captured light' the book reads like an album, a set of prose-poems told around moments frozen in light.

The first part, 'Words falling ill' follows a story of books in the library of Leuven University that were attacked by destructive micro-organisms in 2014. The town of Leuven is deeply marked by collective tragedies of repeated book destructions in two world wars. Remanents of the burned books are still kept as silent relicts in the exhibition hall of the new central library. In order to avoid public panic, the 2014 restoration of infected books was carried out in secret. Poems, narrated through the voices of books, reflect on synbiotic relationships between humans and words, between parchment and skin, between oblivion and death.

The second part 'City without Roots' is placed in Louvain la Neuve, which is imagined as a city that levitates above water, more like a cloud than a place. The story is presented through the vision of the city's architect who designs not only visible constructions but - more importantly - the emotional spaces of the city. What is on the surface perceived like a displaced wall in the middle of the field, a meaningless cul-de-sac, or a dry well represent, in emotional topography, a space of solitude, a conglomeration of feelings of loss, and a point of final departures. Two actors meet in Louvain la Neuve during the first snow. Many years after, detached from their histories, they meet again - in the city without roots.

The third part 'Sensitivity to Morning Light' brings forth the collection of dreams found in the archives of Planetarium, among the documents of Dr. Frenet who dealt with patients suffering of incurable diseases, primarily melancholy and nostalgia.